Production and Packaging Services

Velocity Production and Packaging is a leading blending, filling, logistics, contract manufacturing, and custom packaging supplier of skin care products to consumer marketing companies around the world


Our resident chemist is available to help aid in the development of new skin care products or private label cosmetic lines. Our highly-trained custom blending expert has the ability to enhance any benchmark prototype. Already have your formulas established? No problem. Velocity Production and Packaging has the ability to blend, package, and ship your custom batches directly to your distribution center destination.

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Our innovative packaging and manufacturing facility has the ability to fill nearly any cosmetic and skin care products ranging from creams, lotions, serums, essential oils, argan and jojoba oils, castor oil, as well as any other finished personal care goods you need filled efficiently and expertly.

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Bundling and Re-Packaging

As a trusted contract packaging supplier and vendor, we are always fully-equipped to assemble all custom packaging components, whether it's a kit with a few items or a more complex kit with custom boxes and packaging. Our production and packaging solutions ensure the highest quality control with the ability to save time and provide cost savings, with on time deliveries, competitive pricing, and happy customers.

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Our contract manufacturing and logistics team can strategically manage all of your logistical needs, whether you're looking for a turnkey process, or packaging storage for pending fills. We are here to assist you every step of the way throughout the logistics and supply chain process.

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Providing Custom Packaging and Production Solutions is our Priority

We purchase all necessary raw materials and custom packaging supplies, while consistently providing expert quality control and product testing to create your desired product. We can fill and package your private label cosmetics, as well as provide complete product fulfillment. Velocity Production and Packaging also supplies bottle, jar, closure, and label options. Simply e-mail or phone in your order to us, and we promise to deliver excellence.

Quality is Key

To ensure that we achieve and uphold the highest quality benchmarks, our quality control process in our packing services involves methodical and timely testing during the cosmetic formulation and development stages. Our private label cosmetics and skin care products are rigorously tested throughout all phases of the production and packaging process to guarantee their superior integrity. While in production, manufacturing practices are routinely monitored by our onsite quality control and facility management staff. Products are inspected at multiple intervals on the production line to ensure that everything that leaves the facility is of the highest standard. All facility workers and manufacturers are outfitted in mandatory sanitary clothing, and observe our strict hygiene policy. Our core business conducts daily manufacturing and packaging equipment inspections and thorough cleaning procedures.