Cosmetic Blending

Cosmetic Blending

Whether you already have an established formula for your cosmetics or you need help developing a new product, the blending experts at Velocity Production and Packaging are here for all of your contract manufacturing cosmetic needs.

Located in Arizona, Velocity Production and Packaging is a private label cosmetic manufacturing company and a major private label skin care product manufacturer with many cosmetic manufacturing capabilities and services. We have a resident chemist who is available for those who want some aid in formulation development or finishing your cosmetic formulas based on how you want them to turn out. With over 15 years of expert contract manufacturing cosmetics and filling experience, you can trust Velocity with your custom personal care products and manufacturing capabilities.

Once the formula is created, our highly trained blending experts can enhance the custom cosmetic formula using our state of the art manufacturing equipment to attain even better results during the production process. When creating and making new products, we only use the highest quality ingredients and focus on raw material sourcing for a superior custom manufactured product. Along with our premier blending abilities, we are constantly improving formulation capabilities to create and blend innovative products.

Cosmetic Customizability

At Velocity Pro Pack we take pride in our products, which is why we offer custom manufacturing options that allow for a nearly endless number of both private label cosmetics and private label skin care products. Our contract manufactured cosmetics are highly customizable and offer a wide variety of different color and texture options through our private label cosmetics. For our skin care products, we can create different colors, textures, and even scents for a superior product.

Contract Manufacturing with Velocity Production and Packaging

When you contract manufacturing services with Velocity Pro Pack as your private label packaging company, we take care of the entire manufacturing and logistical process. We handle the entire process of creating your product, this includes manufacturing, blending, filling your order, bundling, packaging, logistics, and additional services. We are committed to innovation, research, formulation, and raw materials. Here at Velocity Pro Pack, one of our specialties is manufacturing private label products, which includes:








and everything else that is involved in creating your custom cosmetic product or custom skin care products. Velocity Pro Pack is the premier contract cosmetic manufacturer in Arizona.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing Services

Cost Efficiency

Access to Expertise

Custom Formulation

Quality Control and Compliance


Global Reach

Why Velocity Production and Packaging?

Velocity Production and Packaging is a premier contract manufacturer of both cosmetics and skin care products. Our professional blending staff and chemists can aid you in the process of formulating and blending your cosmetic products. Velocity Production and Packaging offers an almost unlimited number of custom cosmetics options, that you can even use with your super pointed tip makeup tools and makeup blending sponge.

Whether it be foundation, concealer, blush, highlight, or any other wet or dry makeup product, our team has experience with an array of contract manufacturing services.