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Custom Packaging and Contract Manufacturing - FAQs

Velocity Packaging and Production's Frequently Asked Questions

How does Velocity Production and Packaging stand out from competitors in the contract manufacturing and packaging industry?

We ask all of our new clients the same question, 'Why are you choosing to leave your packaging and production vendor or adding us to your manufacturing arsenal?' The answer, 9 out of 10 times is...Customer service! On the surface, our contract manufacturing services may appear similar to all the other private label skin care packaging and production vendors, but it is our personalized customer service that draws people to us and keeps them here. It’s the "People" that make us special. We want to make sure all our clients, vendors, and employees feel valued.

Our commitment to customer service extends far greater than your designated Account Executive; at Velocity Production and Packaging, examples of our amazing customer service can be found in all of our departments. The Managers and Supervisors that work on your packaging and filling projects are key to ensuring customer care is at the top of their priority list. Why is this important? If there is a problem during manufacturing, blending, or filling on the Production floor, there is always someone at Velocity Production and Packaging that can address the problem quickly. All departments are under one roof, therefore, instead of an Account Executive sending an email to a Supervisor with a question, they get up and find the Supervisor on the floor to get immediate answers and resolution for our clients.

What is the minimum order Velocity Production and Packaging will accept?

Our packaging company will manufacture skin care and cosmetic products as small as 1 gallon and fill for as little as 300 – 500 pieces. However, the best price points will be reached when larger quantities are ordered. Our primary business model is focused on custom manufacturing, filling and packaging of Traditional and Natural Skin Care formulations.

Are samples available and is there a cost?

Yes, to get samples and pricing for a specific product you would like to develop just email us the ingredients or send us a prototype. We will then develop laboratory samples for you to test. We will also send you the pricing so that you can see what the production project will cost. Feel free to call us any time and we can quickly go over the details of what you would like us to create or duplicate. (Allow 2 weeks to formulate and ship samples)

Do I own my formula?

Velocity Production and Packaging offers free private label cosmetic product licensing to clients; which simply means that we will not manufacture or sell a client's custom formula to any other client as long as the custom formula is purchased through Velocity Production and Packaging. Our chemists will work closely with you and your Team to create a custom formula that fits your companies specific requirements. Once the formula has been developed and paid for in full you are the sole owner of that formula. The pricing for a custom formula varies depending on the formulas ingredients, complexity, and time it will take to create. Lead time before pilot batch is created ranges from 4 to 6 months depending on the number of revisions and testing required to complete. Our chemist will go over all that in detail during the developmental stages and will keep you updated throughout the process. Please contact us directly for a quote.

Do you provide assistance with labeling and packaging regulations?

Yes, we can offer guidance to ensure your labels are in compliance with all federal, state and local cosmetics labeling and packaging regulations.

Do you fill products manufactured by another Vendor?

Yes, you ship your product to our facility and we will fill and ship your order to it's designated location.

Do you require a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required to initiate the purchase of the ingredients for your order.

What are your prices?

All costs are variable per project; therefore, we ask that you speak directly to an Account Executive for them to explain how we can specifically help fulfill your needs, as well as give you a better idea of pricing once the quote is completed.

What are your lead-times?

On average, R&D lead-times are two weeks; custom manufacturing is two weeks, and filling is two to four weeks, once a formula is approved and has gone through the appropriate testing as well as all necessary components are in Velocity's possession.

Do you have packaging components available?

Yes, we offer an array of standard packaging for our clients who would prefer not to order custom packaging. Packaging components available through Velocity Production and Packaging are: airless, tubes, bottles, and jars. Note: We can label most skin care products, except tubes; all tubes must be screened by the client (we can provide you with a list of packaging, label and screening vendors).

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