Cosmetic Bundling and Re-Packaging

Cosmetic Bundling and Re-Packaging

Bundling and re-packaging through Velocity Production and Packaging can save you money, thus making you money. We are a contract manufacturing company who offers custom skin care packaging solutions. We offer both bundling and re-packing services. Bundling is the process of selling two or more different products together to entice the buyer to commit and buy your product at a price that they save money and you turn over more product while at the same time increasing profits. The act of pure bundling is a tried and tested selling strategy that has been used since money was exchanged for goods. Re-packaging, on the other hand, is the process of putting your products into your brand’s box with your logo on it.

Product Bundling

Product bundling can allow you to get rid of unused inventory at a discounted rate and can encourage customers to try new products. Here at Velocity Production and Packaging, we do all the bundling for your cosmetic products or skin care products. Our trained professionals can devise the best ways to bundle your skin care products to increase both your product turn over and your profits. Especially in this digital age, there is far more competition than there was only 20 years ago. You’re not only competing with other businesses in your geographic area, but you’re competing with businesses across the country and the world. Bundling is one way to stand out from the rest of the competition. Oftentimes when we bundle products, we also re-package them into those pure bundles.


Our re-packaging often goes hand and hand with bundling. We often re-package products into bundles for you to distribute to your customers. Our most popular re-packaging product is bundling cosmetics into kits such as holiday sets or travel sets. These sets are branded with your logo and custom packaging. After we re-package your product, we ship them to locations where you can further distribute them to your clients. Velocity Production and Packaging also offers contract packaging for businesses who may be overrun by orders.

Advantages of Product Bundling and Re-Packaging

Product bundling and re-packaging have many advantages for both businesses and consumers. Product bundling and re-packaging strategies can significantly improve sales, and boost profitability. Bundling strategy allows companies to showcase and sell multiple products together, creating a value proposition that encourages customers to spend more in a single transaction.

Re-packaging, on the other hand, adds a personal touch to existing products, making them more appealing to customers. It allows businesses to differentiate their products and stand out in the crowded market.

For consumers, product bundling offers cost savings as bundled items typically cost less than when consumers purchase items individually. It also provides the convenience of buying complementary products together.

The Importance of Skin Care Packaging

The packaging of skin care products plays a crucial role in consumer perception and product performance. A well-designed package preserves product quality, safety, and usability throughout the item’s shelf life. Skin care packaging must protect the product during transport and prevent the product from contamination while keeping the product fresh. We provide a range of skincare and cosmetic packaging styles including glass jars, glass containers, plastic bottles, fine mist sprayers, different caps, bottles, bottles with a round base, and other containers to safely preserve products and ensure product quality. Our low viscosity packaging provides a simple visual appeal with easy labeling for skincare packaging and ensures the proper amount of product is dispensed into the product packaging.

From creams, lotions, oils, serums, and other liquids, at Velocity Production and Packaging, we ensure our great skin care packaging is safe and secure from the outside environment.

Reduce Shipping Costs Along With Marketing and Distribution Costs With Our Product Bundles

At Velocity Production and Packaging, we are proud to offer a wide array of services that will save you time and money. No matter the size of your business, outsourcing your production and packaging needs for a product bundle is always the right choice. Our services include:








and everything else that is involved in creating your custom cosmetic product or custom skin care products.

Struggling with inventory management, marketing costs, and your skin care packaging strategy? Call us today to learn more about our Custom Bundling and Re-Packaging for Skin Care and Cosmetics. Bundling products with us couldn’t be easier!