Cosmetic Logistics

Cosmetic Logistics

Velocity Production and Packaging is a premier name for logistics in the cosmetic and skin care business. In today’s global economy, there is more competition for the same customer because anyone can find any cosmetic business anywhere across the globe. To stay competitive, you need to have someone who is innovating new ways to both reach customers and to drive down costs. At Velocity Production and Packaging, we strive to find ways to increase your bottom line by reducing your supply chain costs. We don’t do our business by using one process for everyone. We customize our tactics to your business to make you as successful as possible. We use actual numbers from your business when we decide our next plan of action; we don’t use projected numbers. We handle all of the pickup and delivery, which can often be one of the toughest parts of being a cosmetics manufacturer. We also strive to make your business more productive by continually raising the bar.

Outsourcing and Supply Chain Management In The Cosmetics Industry

One common way to lower manufacturing costs and improve supply chains is to not manufacture, also known as outsourcing. There are often businesses who can make the same product as you as well or better for a lower price, which in turn saves your money on your manufacturing. Outsourcing doesn’t always mean going overseas to have it done. You can outsource cosmetics production right here in the United States and still have an efficient supply chain. Velocity Production and Packaging is based in Arizona, so there is no worry about having your products produced overseas. Outsourcing is an economical way to manufacture your product while also taking all the hassle associated with manufacturing away from you. We are also a packaging company in the beauty industry on top of a private label manufacturing company.

Skin Care & Cosmetics Logistics

Running a cosmetics company can be tough, but that’s why we handle all of your manufacturing logistics whether it be cosmetic logistics or skin care logistics. At Velocity Pro Pack, we’ve been doing logistics for cosmetics manufacturers for over 15 years. Through years of experience, we have innovated and developed practices to grow your business in the cosmetic industry, lower manufacturing costs, and to grow your business as a whole. We’ll operate all of your cosmetic packaging along with any and all skin care packaging. Along with these services we also take care of all of your pick up and delivery needs. Whether you are shipping across the city or across the country, Velocity Pro Pack has the know-how to get your products there safely.

Our Wide Variety Of Services

At Velocity Production and Packaging, we are proud to offer a wide array of services that will save you time and money. No matter the size of your business, outsourcing your production and packaging needs for logistics is always the right choice. Our services include:








and everything else that is involved in creating your custom cosmetic product or custom skin care products.

For all transportation and logistics considerations, call Velocity Production and Packaging. Our logistics services will make all the difference no matter the cosmetic and beauty brands or raw materials needed.