Cosmetic Product Filling

Cosmetic Product Filling

At Velocity Production and Packaging, we have the ability to fill nearly any custom manufactured cosmetics product or any number of skin care products in the cosmetics industry. These skin care products include




Essential oils

Argan oil

Jojoba oil

Castor oil

as well as any other finished skin care product. When you need your contract cosmetic products and private label skin care products filled professionally, quickly, and for a reasonable cost, Velocity Production and Packaging is the contract cosmetic company to call for all your private label filling needs.

You Don’t Have to Be a Big Business To Outsource Packaging Solutions

Many business owners believe that they need to be a big company to outsource the filling of your product. But you don’t need to be a huge business to utilize the contract manufacturing process of Velocity Production and Packaging. We will take care of your cosmetic filling needs no matter if you’re a small business or a giant publicly traded business. All it takes for a small business is one good review in a major magazine and you may not be able to get the orders out of the door fast enough. Which is a great problem to have, and it is a problem that we at Velocity Production and Packaging would love to help you with. We offer premier contract production services, we use our state of the art manufacturing plant in Arizona to cover all your product filling needs. Your business may not be able to handle your new-found popularity, but the private label manufacturers at Velocity Production and Packaging sure can. We know that time is money and that you need to get your product out to your customers. We know that you need your personal care products manufacturer to be very quick, which is why we pride ourselves on our quick turn around on all of our orders so that you can fulfill all of your customers’ orders as quickly as possible.

Supply Chain Management In The Cosmetics Industry

Not every business is able to handle all the manufacturing, engineering, blending, filling, packaging, bundling, and logistics that come with handling the production and distribution of cosmetic and skin care products. Here at Velocity Production and Packaging, that is our specialty. We have over 15 years of expert contract manufacturing, filling, and contract packaging experience so that we can best serve your business. Our existing equipment

Custom Cosmetics Filling With Our Automatic Filling Machines

Velocity Production and Packaging is able to fill any custom cosmetic order and any custom skin product. You don’t need to be a huge cosmetic business to reap the benefits of outsourcing the filling of your cosmetic products. Along with the use of an automatic filling machine that many other businesses don’t have access to, our conveyor belt system and semi automatic labeling machines certainly make it so that you can get your products as fast as possible.

Struggling to acquire packaging machines capable to fit your demands in a timely manner? Contact Velocity Production and Packaging today to learn more about our cosmetic filling services.