Benefits Of Private Label Skincare

Benefits Of Private Label Skincare

What is the significance of using private label skincare over a commercial label? Firstly, what is the significant difference between the two? The difference between private label skincare such as Velocity Pro Pack is that we take the time to develop and manufacture our skincare and cosmetic products, while a commercial skincare label spends more time on marketing and brand image. When making the decision to purchase private label skincare over a commercial, choosing Velocity Pro Pack is the right choice to make.

Custom Packaging, Shipping, And Service

Velocity Pro Pack takes the time to do custom packaging for private label skincare, custom manufacturing for skincare and cosmetics, personal shipping, delivery services, and great customer service.

Custom Skin Care Products

Our custom packaging solutions exemplify the highest quality control while also taking into consideration time and cost, saving for our clients, which in turn helps meet distribution and delivery timelines. If you already have your formulas, our resident chemist works to blend, package, and ship these personalized mixes to your facility. We can work to create skincare products such as creams, lotions, serums, essential oils, argan oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil.

From Written Order to Physical Substance

Velocity Pro Pack will work with you no matter the size of your business, be it small or large. Our experts have over fifteen years of experience in the manufacturing field of skincare and cosmetic products so we can best handle your orders and successfully meet your needs throughout our supply chain process. Velocity Pro Pack puts forth our best efforts in receiving orders to send through the manufacturing, filling, and contract packaging lines so that we can help you achieve your goals.

Contact Velocity Production and Packaging today to start reaping the benefits of private skincare.