Cosmetic Bundling and Re-Packaging San Diego, CA

Cosmetic Bundling and Re-Packaging San Diego, CA

Cosmetic bundling and re-packaging through Velocity Production and Packaging can save you money thus making money for your San Diego business. We are a contract manufacturing company that offers custom packaging solutions. We offer both bundling and re-packing solutions for your San Diego business. Bundling is the process of selling two or more different products together to entice the buyer to commit and buy your product at a price that they save money and you turn over more products while at the same time increasing profits. The act of bundling is a tried and tested selling strategy that has been used since money was exchanged for goods. Re-packaging, on the other hand, is the process of putting your products into your brand’s box with your logo on it.


Again, bundling is the act of putting two or more different products into one deal which in turn gives the consumer a lower price per product while at the same time allowing the seller to turn over more products while profits are increasing. Here at Velocity Production and Packaging, we do all the bundling for your cosmetic products or skincare products. Our trained San Diego professionals can devise the best ways to bundle your products to increase both your product turn over and your profits. Especially in this digital age, there is far more competition than there was only 20 years ago. You’re not only competing with other businesses in the San Diego area, but you’re competing with businesses across the country and the world. Bundling is one way to stand out from the rest of the competition, to bring in more business. Often times when we bundle products, we also re-package them into that bundle.


Our re-packaging often goes hand and hand with bundling. We often re-package products into bundles for you to distribute to your customers. Our most popular re-packaging product is bundling cosmetics into kits such as holiday sets or travel sets. These sets are branded with your logo and custom packaging. After we re-package your product, we ship them to locations where you can further distribute them to your clients. Velocity Production and Packaging also offers contract packaging for businesses that may be overrun by orders.

Custom Bundling and Re-Packaging for Skin Care and Cosmetics

Velocity Production and Packaging offers skincare and cosmetics re-packaging and bundling services to meet your production needs. Our packaging company is dedicated to providing high-quality packaging solutions. Let us be your premier packaging and bundling supplier.

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